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Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches Flies In Space

Last year’s Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches was such a blow, and in 2011 there would be at least two new watches. One will be the movement Calibre, and this one is completely different. “Calibre” has an escapement that connects to the automatic rotor – mounted on the front of the dial.

If you do not see it’s action, this concept is really confusing. Fortunately, SJX’s purists have a short video on YouTube that we can see and confirm how I think about how the sport works. All this is part of Cartier Replica Watches, do not give up in the world to show how much money they provide watch nerds and style lovers fighting.

The star adjuster has an escapement and a secondary hand that rotates freely with the rotor. The second hand is still around the dial, but the dial itself is rotating. According to Calibre de Cartier Replica, the system should work like a theoretical tourbillon, which itself works more or less in theory. The escapement is adjusted in the vertical position. In the system, when the watch is in the vertical position, gravity will remain indicated “up”. When the watch level alignment, these are not important.

Zenith’s Christophe Colomb watch works on the same principle, but the watch is in any direction. Although these two watches did not completely compete with each other, but Cartier Replica may be more wearing power. The internal movement of the watch is made of Cartier MC 9800. Well, it is an automatic, and has time dial eccentric to the top of the dial. The movement of the power reserve is 80 hours. Astroregulator on the back is a double Cartier “C” theme is good.

I still love the signature of Cartier’s appearance, making watches for myself. They use a dial with a black dial, so that they are very popular. There is no doubt that Astroregulator is not an easy way to read, but the collector’s work should not be readable. Really looking to see this idea in action!

What fascinated me was how these high-tech Cheap Replica Watches changed the style of Cartier. These very high-end manufacturing sports have a lot of Cartier DNA, but the design is getting future, complex – future Cartier!

Watch large, in the case of 50mm wide! For Cartier, this is quite large. It has a niobium titanium shell. Do not know what is allowed, but I will find it as soon as possible. Crown is titanium or 18k white gold, sapphire crystal round. Cartier Replica Watches limits the production of Calibre to 50 pieces.